Monday, August 12, 2013

Heart to Act :)

Hey cherrypies!

I want to say that I am terribly and massively sorry for not updating day after day. Well, if it weren't for the assignments, stresses and the projects, I think I might update day after day after day. However, sad to say classes are pinning me tight. And the novel that I made which is Revenge is still in the Microsoft not yet placed in Wattpad. I am still at the first chapter can you believe it?! *le sighs* I really don't want this novel of mine to go to waste. I put on so much imaginative stuffs, mysterious things and spices to make it better than the rest of the novel or stories that I made. *le sighs again*

However, I really want to tell you guys how much I've been addicted to movies! It didn't just happened today or a week ago, it happened about two years before or so when my parents bought a lot of movies for us to hang out and watch. The more I watch movies, the more I was drag to pursue on my dreams which is acting! I crave for acting so much that every night, I would pray to God in hoping that there could be someone that could assist me in reaching my dream! *screams* Not only that but the knowledge in certain actresses and actors and movies which are on the top of the lists are a piece of cake to me! I knew thousands of actresses and actors. My knowledge in movies grew!
Every Saturday, I always do a movie marathon. I would watch 4-5 movies in a day. May it be a DVD or may it be a movie showing in Star Movies or Hbo or any other channels. I would fill up my mind with various known actors and sometimes would memorize some of their lines. After memorizing it, I would lock myself in the comfort room and act. Haha I'm such a kid XD
A week ago and that week before, I watched Pirates in the Caribbean. Did I tell you that I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp?! Well I am! And in fact, here is his face now --->
 I have seen almost all of his movies. Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dark Shadows, Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissor hand and so much more! I hope someday I could act with him. THAT'S SO FRIGGING FANTASTIC!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Then I watched several thriller movies. The movies were "The Call"  and "The Olympus has fallen" and many more. I also watched Robert Downey Jr. as he played the role of the legit Sherlock Holmes. I also hope I could act with him! Big big fan of those guys. The actresses that I love the most are Saorise Ronan, Abigail Breslin, Kiera Knightley and all those girls who are such a badass in the movie! Haha! I love thriller, action and mystery movies. I prefer them rather than romantic movies and horror movies. Horror movies doesn't really scare me. Yes blood scenes are terrifying but I got used to it because when I was 10 I usually watch 24 hours by myself and there was a lot of torture. Not only that but I also did watch some horrifying horror movies and mangas by myself. I love horror movies that could make my heart beat fast and make me scream. But I guess thriller movies make the best out of it. The only thing that I don't like about horror movies is not only that they made me sleep with nightmares on my side but because I really, just really HATE Demons. It doesn't mean that I don't believe them or in ghost pfft. I just really hate hate hate them. Haha Opinion stated. Lol. Hmm.. How should I end this paragraph... Well movies became a great, great, great, huge, massive, part in my life. Without them, it's like I'm a human without food, a butterfly without wings or a pencil without a lead. Movies are also part of the family that inspires me to continue dreaming. They make me crave so much! They make me crawl, almost like pleading in the ground for food. I really really want to be like them. I want to be like the actors that inspired me. I want to inspire many children and adults to act. Not only to act but to inspire them with the movies I'll play with, if I would. Hahaha. I just hope nothing turns out wrong or turns out very very very ugly.

This afternoon, in school, I was stuck pensive for one session. I was thinking of the Big foot School in Cebu. I even told my sister that I would enter their school next year because I am so so desperate and I want to start out young and fresh! I would risk anything except for my family and God. I would leave my beautiful friends in school if I have to! I will really really do anything for it. I never wanted to do something which isn't worth fighting for. I realized that now. Now that I am half grown girl and had half understanding, I know what path I should choose in the future. What a useless life would it be if the thing that I am doing in the future is not worth fighting for or sacrificing for or living for? I never wanted to do something which isn't in my capabilities or in my talent. Studying and being an honor student isn't my thing. Maybe that's why I never became an honor student. I may not have the brain for all the mathematical equations or the scientific blah blah blah but then again, it doesn't mean that I'm not smart. Hey! I am! I love Sherlock Holmes and most of his talents inspires me and gives me one too. And it also doesn't mean that I never tried to be an honor
student. Hey I tried and I almost cried when I saw that my name wasn't on the list.  But...Besides all those things, one thing is for sure, I do have the talent in PERFORMING ARTS.  I can dance, I can sing and I can act, not that I am boasting or something. I want to act. And that's it. Nothing could ever change that.

When I arrived home, I opened my laptop directly and typed in "Big Foot". However, to my dismay, they don't have classes based on my research. I could feel my heart sank. But then, that didn't stop my search! I searched, scanned and rolled over my cursor through different articles. And then there was it! I found something! And it was located in my hometown too! It was IAFT (International Academy of Film and Television). How I jumped for joy! *squeal* *squeal* *squeal again and again* I searched their admission slips. I found out that I could enter and I think I would have died! After that, I sent a message to one of their officers. I do hope they got the email I sent them! I hope I hope Oh How I HOPE! And I shall pray to God for this glorious day! I just hope that by the end of this school year, I could face my parents and tell them that Acting is my passion, that they are the main reasons why I am addicted to act because of the movies they had bought. My parents aren't that strict and they want the best for me. Also, they want me to be an actress when I was a child about 4 years old I guess, too bad I didn't have the knowledge of what they were saying. Hey! I was a kid and a child! I was shy but this year, now that I am thirteen years old, a fully tween girl, I dare say that I will be bold if I must!
To achieve my dream is to make God PROUD!

Friday, June 14, 2013

All in the eye. :D

Dear Cherry Pies, :))

"Pick a star on a dark horizon"

     When I was in class yesterday and the day before, all we did was open up with our opinions and play games. Our teacher lets us pick one thing that describes us and each of us should explain why we chose that certain thing. Some picked, laptop, guitar, mp3 player, a box and other things. I picked a pencil. You know why I chose pencil? Well, maybe you could guess it. I picked pencil because it has an eraser at the top of it and the tip for writing.  I'm obviously a type of person that erases the bad memories of the past and moves on. I like to write the things I want to do in the future. I don't want decisions that doesn't gives me two options. And most of all, I want to stay young, wild and free because now a days, teens are using pens and kids are mostly using pencils. I want to stay carefree and just like a kid, imagine all the fantasy creatures surrounding me. This activity that my teacher organized for us, is an activity which creates the feeling of each of us to feel confident in sharing your ideas and showing your true self. This isn't the only activity that my teacher did for us. There were activities that let us tell what we want in the future, what attitudes we don't like in our classmates and of course our personalities. I found the first day, shy at first because I didn't still got the time to feel confident enough but as the day passes, me and my classmates became close to each other and we got to know each other pretty well. What I like about our class is that we aren't afraid anymore to show to everyone who we really are because we already accepted them. We played games together with our adviser like truth or dare and laugh together. There was this game where we, all should have enough strength and of course "teamwork". It was a kind of game where we should put our fist together at the middle and our adviser would put like 6 notebooks. Then our teacher would tell us to turn around, squat, stand up and walk together. The goal of this game was to concentrate on the notebooks and not let them fall. This also acquires strength and leadership. Of all the 3 groups, we, group 2, won. I was always competitive and I was really screaming on one member to concentrate and not look on the others because it was in him where the sides were strong. Our group members were all cooperating so well. Then our teacher said to turn our fists into one finger only and that was more challenging which was more fun! The group 3 fell apart on the fist thingies and the group 1 fell on the first finger only which gave us the road to victory! We were really jumping with joy and I was really proud and thankful to my fellow members because we got to have +10. Wooot! So the lesson in this is when you know each other very well, you got to know what they are good at and what they are bad at. If each of you gets to know everyone, then they got to trust the leader in a group and thus the teamwork will begin. :)
     See this picture? ----> What do you see in it? Yes, you see a red ink splattered on a good white sheet. This lesson came from my dad in lunch time. He was always scolding our working student because she was always doing these uncertain things. My dad told him not to look at the bad effect of scolding that causes her heart to break but to see what scolding really is. Scolding doesn't mean to hurt one's feelings, it is for them to realize what mistakes they had done. We don't have to see scolding as an insult but rather a lesson that we must learn and apply. We, humans, always see one tiny, dirty, bad spot on a certain person and forgets that that person is thoughtful, kind and approachable. Just like this picture. We noticed first that red ink rather than the wide, white sheet background. We always notice the bad things rather than the good things and the perfect reasons, then the next thing for us to do is to misjudge, which is always wrong... Just for example, vampires, ghosts and zombies. We see them as a threat when they only sees us as a meal. A part of them has the ability to do good things too. Just like us, eating meet, fish, chicken and so on, we don't only focus on eating too right? And how about villains and bad people? Would they even exist if at first, they weren't misjudged, cheated, felt pain or hatred? Folks, we shouldn't only focus on the negative side of a person but also on their postive side. It doesn't always matter how much bad things they have created but it matters most on how many people they have touched and appreciated.
Tom Hiddleston once said "Every Villain is a hero in his own mind". I think the movie "Monster Vs. Aliens" really does a great job of depicting this lesson. Because Monsters Vs. Aliens is a story where people that causes almost chaos in town and gets to scare people has to save the world from an alien invasion. This movie describes the second lesson of this article magnificently. On the last part, the monsters were congratulated on a job well done mission by their commander. Not only by their commander but also to the people who have misjudged them. They were all sorry for what they have been saying and starting from that day on, they accepted them in the community. On the contrary, one should never judge a person's identity. Get to know them first before you whisper into someone's ear, because maybe someday you'd want them to sign in your autographs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life is beautiful :)

Dear Cherry Pies, :)

There is a reason why I came up with this idea. The moment I woke up on the day when I decided to reach out for my dreams, was the moment when I decided to let all the fears of trying new things, flush away. The moment I tried doing all these things, was the moment when I realized that you can also be different in any other spectacular ways. I decided to build a blog to open up these wondrous feelings, that are grasping tight in my heart. I want to inspire people. Let them feel that every day is always a new start of something different. Touch the rays of the old but beautiful sun and you will know that even the sun is old, it'll always be a start of a new day. I remembered, when I was walking in this small cliff, in a small province of poor men, I saw, at the end of it, of waves clashing unto stones. I said to myself. "Mother nature is a wonderful work of art". Even when poverty and difficulties were hanging around, there was always that intimidating view, that is always helping raising people's hopes up. That view was beautiful. That blue-green seawater, calm skies and cool wind, even it could take almost a thousand breathes away. And then you'll forget your problems. See that life is wonderful. Be happy in every way because bad things aren't always keeping you down, they are teaching you a lesson. It is up to you on how you see it. If you see to it that those things always break you down, then why not take a stand for it? This is your life we are talking about. We don't want any tyrant to rule our hearts, do we not? If you see them slashing and slaughtering you into droves, take up your sword and fight! Life is worth fighting for. Life is beautiful. And most of all, life is a blessing. Don't let them ruin you and turn you into dust. Don't let them win. Make them as a lesson. Do not loose hope because of them. And never ever stop trying. Because the biggest failure you'd ever commit is when you stop trying.
     When you succeeded in turning yourself as one of the many great things. Don't turn your back from whence you came. Because when you do not look from where you have come from, just as what Dr. Jose Rizal said, you will smell more disgusting as the fishes in the market. There are a lot of people who have turned their backs. But I will never ever do such a thing. They all see me as if I don't want to  have future in this country, but that is a lie. I want to go to other countries to show them what my country brings me with. I want to show them that not only that they could achieve in becoming what they can be, but also I can and I shall.
      The future is becoming wider and children are being born and raised. Parents are at the edge of their seats to train their kids as good men and women in the society. Without good parents, they will not know how to love God. They will see to it that there is no meaning in life when in fact there is. There are a lot of meanings. Different meanings of every character. There is a meaning why people are in dearth and some are in seats of richness and powerful. The people in debts shouldn't have existed if the people in abundance knows how to be generous in lending hands to one another. None of them would have existed if they also know where to stand. If they know not to waste their time in such unnecessary things and start learning how to manage their own life. They need to help one another. It doesn't mean that if they are rich, they'll only give, give and give. No, the rich knows better. And it is also up to them on how they teach and help the people. If the people in effusiveness helps them, teaches them and gives them enough time, and if the people in poverty helps themselves too, then no man should be lying in a gutter.

I was wrong to say that the sky is the limit. Michael Jordan said "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon". Dreams don't have limits. Sometimes and in truth, we really don't know what are limits are. I think it is on our hearts. Whether it still beats or whether it does not. Your life is your limit.

One more thing, those who are in great need of help should be the priority of every mankind to help them
and let them take off the blindfold of darkness. Never should they know that life is pitiful and sorrowful. Life in reality is beautiful. Open your eyes early in the morning, stare back at the horizon, then you'll know it.

AWWW Tom.. You are just so adorable!! :3

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School crush and love :P

                                                                              Dear Cherry Pies, :D

"Past is past. Move on, get a new life and grab as much as new memories as you can."
      This quote is reminding me and everyone else not to look back at the bad memories and create as much as new memories in this year 2013. No matter how hard life had been for the last year, it'll always be better in the present.
     In the dawn of my first day of school, which is obviously Monday, I woke up at around 4:30 am in the morning to get ready for school. I took a shower, woke up my sister, ate breakfast and wait for the time to go to school. The morning rose absolutely lazily but when its yellow rays and cerulean skies woke up the days of my youth, I knew this day is the beginning of something new.
     I arrived at school at around 7:00 in the morning with a heart banging on the walls of my chest. I saw my best friends with delighted smiles planted on their faces. We were so happy that we finally met and got to bond with each other for such a long time! We really can't wait to Laugh Out Loud again. When the school bell rang, we all went inside our classroom and did small chit and chatterings of our own. Then our new adviser came in to the room. We begun  introducing ourselves to new students. After that, our adviser emphasized what the true meaning of the words that were written in our handbook.  Just from that, my heart beat quickened and I felt cold. I was just waiting for my name to be called since I am an old student. I knew
my name was going to be called. I just knew it. Suddenly, when this dude was called, who happened to have a little history with me back when I was still in grade 7, I was called too.....I should be honest here... and...Truth is, I did had a crush on him and he having a crush on me too. But that was a silly crush! It only lasted for let's say a month! I meant to forget it and I don't want to remember or bring back those foolish memories back. I knew what I did was wrong. When I started crushing to this guy, everything in what I do changed me. Horrible changes. And when I opened my eyes, blinked, and widened my mind more and more to this day, I knew that those immature feelings 'caused me blind. Fortunately, in that one month, I decided not to talk to him and stopped texting him. That was the cure to my blindness. I regained myself after doing that and found out that I was wrong. I was feeling disgusted at myself for liking somebody who isn't worth liking. All I could think of by now, no offense, is that he only cares on having a girlfriend. But in the past, I busted him. I still did have something left in my mind. And that was the love of my parents. I don't want to disappoint them so I turned him down. I didn't feel sorry for him since he was the one who forced me to say yes. And now I feel disgusted of myself because I let this awkward feelings out. I got to have puppy eyes to him which now I regret! Oh how I want it to be erased! Those ugly!!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! And now our adviser called me and him to answer such petty question! You know how mad I get when he always crosses lines with me! I didn't stood up to answer the question, which I know is disrespectful. The teacher was obviously grinning, but I wasn't. My face was straight forward, with no smile to be seen. And
just by doing that, my classmates were silent. I shook my head to answer. "I don't know". Then he asked me to stand up so I did with a little smile on my face. Then it vanished and still I answered the teacher "I don't know". Oh he knows everything. Then he started discussing about that certain question and answer. I kept an impassive face on our adviser while he roams around. I did it with straight forward eyes. Eyes to his eyes. To let him notice me that I wasn't very much AMUSED of what he did. Then it was finally over and I sat back down. I knew I did was wrong. I was wrong not to stand up, to just sit down and answer "I don't know". I knew what I did was disrespectful but I just hope that won't ever happen again. I hope to be JUST FRIENDS with him with no secret words behind my back! Let him move on because I very much did. I knew he had a crush on this girl and the girl had a crush on him too. And I just hope that my teacher erases my name and put the other girl's name on my place because I'm really tired of people misjudging me! I want clear and good memories this year which I will not regret. I want to clear out my name. I'm contented with my life and I don't need to have little puppy love, which is just infatuation by the way, to someone who is as blind as everyone else! All those fake loves, girlfriends, boyfriends, and couples are worthless! Where do those stuffs leads you to? When your age is as small as your mind? Those stuffs are only appropriate to people who knows what they're doing. I didn't mean to say that crushes are bad. They aren't actually. However, we all have to have limits on it. It's good because it inspires us but don't let that feelings break you down. Sometimes we feel awful in ourselves because of the fact that he didn't notice you or didn't talk to you when you, in your place is trying with all your best to catch up with him. Believe me I know that feeling. Even sometimes we break down crying because we saw him with another girl. But don't let that shatter your hopes and faith. If you ever get that feeling, here's what's the best thing to do. Go to your room, turn off the lights, put your headphones on and listen to good music. And while you are listening to the music, remember the happy times you spend with your bestfriends, your family, and your cousins. Remember that they are the ones who will never ever leave you. Remember their smiles, their laughter and also your happiness. Relax your mind into thinking that there is always your family and there is always God. God will never let that thing happen to you if he isn't the real one to hold your heart. God is always waiting for the best chance. And you yourself should always be patient. Be patient always. You'll never know what blessings you'll receive in the way. And never ever let one boy mess your life. You own your life. Grasp it real hard and try to be brave. You'll know it when love comes to you. And whenever you think love meets in the way with you, always be clever and always be very brave. Because if you are brave, you will never know how much trials you climbed, how much tears you have shed, and how much pain you have suffered. You will only remember the glorious battle you have won and the trophy you have received, which is LOVE.

ANOTHER TOM HIDDLESTOM PICTURE!! WEEHOO!!!! Oh and these are my inspirations!! (down) and One Direction. That is all. :3



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dreams and Reality :3

June 8, 2013. 2:02 PM

Dear Cherry Pies, :))

     Many thoughts were running on my mind the moment I laid flat on my bed and the moment I opened my eyes. It was already sunrise, 9:30 AM. And I am writing this article, for this day, about the dream I just remembered.
     They were all in series. Small scenes in different settings and manner. I remembered myself entering the doors of my new classroom and starting the day in school. I saw my old classmate, Cherry and Justine. I wondered why they appeared on my dream. Then I saw my best friend, Jelena. But Jelena isn't studying in the same school as I will. I wondered why she came popping in my mind. Probably I'd miss her or so. I will miss her. I remembered saying to her in my dream, "It's just like last year's first day of school". Then she smiled. You know what I think? I think this dream is telling me something. Whether Jelena's going back to this school, or whether she'll not transfer. I just hope she'll stay.
     The other dream was about me and a golden statue. The setting happened in our school. We were stealing this gold statue, which in my dream weighs lighter than in reality. Then this nun appeared nowhere, telling us to stop. Small particles of the golden statue started falling to the ground, so we gave it to her. Then we watched her put the golden statue in the classroom. However, in my dream, I was thinking stupidity which is really not in my personality. I somehow, grabbed this long golden stick, which the statue was holding at. I  broke it and hid it on my pocket. What do you think is that all about? I am so curious about this.
     The other dream was about me staying back in the province. I was in this old house and I was sitting in this wooden table and long chair, eating supper. Our dinner was boiled fish. Then when I was eating it, I saw my grandma (which already died.. :'(), put extra fish on my plate. I looked at her, smiled and then continued eating. And then when the fish was already consumed, I picked the carrot on the bowl to eat it. However, she put another fish on my plate. It was like she doesn't want me to eat just a carrot. My grandma was always caring. Her attitude reminds me much of my mother. But, I still don't get the dream. Somehow, this dream is a dream where my grandma wants to tell me something, which I don't know. Reasons are surrounding my mind. And I don't know which one to pick because I'm not that sure. I am not that precise. I just hope someone would tell me what this is all about. A carrot and a fish.
   It's already 2 days before school starts. I am nervous as heck. I'm nervous not because of bullies, bullies doesn't scare me, rejection is, and that is what I'm scared of. My classmates, don't know yet that I could act. Well some does. I am secretive of my talents, still I can call myself as shy. But somehow, this year, I want to show it to them. Whenever there's this roleplays, acting and so, I don't really, shall we say, participate well because some of them over reacts in the fact that I can act. It seems that I don't care what they say. I only care about the things that I can do and the dream works I am about to do. I don't want to show off to them. What I want... really is to change. And I am going to change. I'm never going to be that blind girl once. Now that I know, how and why, I will be different. In pursuing my dreams, heck they'll see the other new girl
underneath me and I'm not afraid to draw it on the skylines.
     See this cute little girl. This adorable lass is just like me. Confused about what to choose. I can say we all are confused. Not all of us are smart enough to choose our own path. We are all blind about the things that seemed new to us but old in the eyes of the past. We seem to choose the new ones but the truth is we only picked it because of the fact that it seems better to us, which in reality, it doesn't. We all have to study those "new things" that we choose. We don't have to be dull enough to choose it. New is always different. And to make it less different, we will make sure to it that we knew it. And if we have had the full knowledge on that certain new thing, then that is the time where we can grab it. We don't have to be afraid of the new things. Remember always that we can control these. We can make the new ones old but better. Sometimes, new isn't that bad. New things give us new knowledge and wander. In this picture, this little girl is scared of the reality. She isn't fund about the real life. She's a kid, and kid always chose dreams. For her, reality is new to her, so she chooses to go to the "dream" door because she already knew what this door is all about. But, how about we merge that dream and reality. The one thing we already knew, and the other thing which we don't know. If the kid stops, stares and asks for an elder. Then maybe in the future, she can build a new door, in the center, which both dream and reality mixes. We all need someone to fix our career. We can never choose our path or do other things if we don't know how to ask for help. We must never be too blind of our own good. And most of all, Be clever enough of the path you choose, because someday you might realize that that one thing that you should have created before is better than what you had already chose.

Oh and look how adorable Tom looks. I bet the fangirls goes "Nosebleed". *laughs* XDD HAHAHHA

Friday, June 7, 2013

Discover, Plan, Reach :)

Dear Cherry Pies, :))

It's 6:42 in the evening and I already had my fill. The atmosphere tonight is outrageously scary. Because at some point, when I was eating dinner on the table, I saw the spark of lightning above our ceiling (Our ceiling is atop with this blue something so that the sunshine could get in to lessen electric bills) it's light illuminated from the spoon which was placed on a bowl of salad. Then thunder followed it for about a minute and the lights crackled but I think it was only me who noticed it since none of my co-home people noticed. Pour Pour Pour. It's like I'm saying For in French. Haha.

So today's evening article, I would like to talk about is this -->
Discover your passions. Plan your life. Reach your dreams.
     Discovering my inner passions were harder when I was still a kid. I was taught that passion was to be used in the future. And that is a job. All that I know was either to pick any good subject  which you are good at to begin with your career. And what I didn't know, was that it doesn't only focuses on the subject that you're most likely good at but also focuses on what you can do. As I was a child, I chose to be an architect. Not only because I enjoy sketching, but also because it can add good help to my parent's small but improving company. However, when I knew that architectural studies involves mathematics, I was devastated. I'm not really that good at math. Well all jobs involves math, but this, I really have to measure this and that and an architect's job is to make a mathematical and structural plot for the civil to build a house. My face was totally impassive at that thought. My parents are expecting me to be an architect but they aren't holding me back like chains, gawd they're just so loving and I'm so thankful for them. I needed time to tell them that, but I'm not going to tell them now. I have to prove something worth the chance to hear their words as "Yes".
     Well you all know what my passion is. And my passion is acting. Acting for me is a career, which you can escape reality and be what you want to be. It expresses your feelings and thoughts more, together in dancing and singing. Dancing, merely like moving and singing, more like saying the words with the melodies of emotions. Me and my besties sometimes do acting whenever classes ends or whenever it's library period. I still remembered this scene, when I put this menthol balm beneath my eyes just to make me cry because of this dramatic scene me and my friends were doing. I absolutely did cry and the acting was pretty good. But when time passes by, my cheeks begun to cool too much that it hurts! And I started crying too much with huge pool of tears. They started blowing on my eyes and it even hurt more! I am never going to do that again. *laughs to myself*. There was also one time when my classmates accidentally entered the classroom (It was the end of class already) and we were acting. And when I looked back because I was writing something in the blackboard pretending to be a stupid student, I saw three of my classmates watching as act. And I was a bit of embarrassed. Hahaha. They insisted they stay so we let them watch what we can do. *sighs* I was actually planning something this summer and last summer, that I would go to an acting class because you know in the end, you got to show to everyone in the stage that you can act. However those two checklist of mine failed. Last summer, I went with my other friend to join the swimming class because my parents insisted me to. I don't really need to have swimming classes because I already know how to swim in deep pools. I even swam 10 ft. deep! But... I accepted it because the good advantage of it was that I could swim in the pool when the classes ends without getting tan skin (the pool has this cover above). And operation acting class failed this summer because we went to this province which I already told you on my last post. *sighs* And now my parents told me that we're going BACK this summer. I have to tell them NO. I already gave it a chance this year so why not I create my next summer plan. They sure want me to enter a class instead of playing laptop all day. And that is my plan. I will enter acting classes for about 3 years. I'm not sure 3 years maybe 5. I will have to enhance it more and build it. And If I'm responsible enough to go my separate ways, I will go to London and enter the "Philippine Theaters UK"
 because they accept all nationalities. And if they see the passion and the fire that is kept inside of me, deep to my soul, mind and heart, I just hope.. maybe wish... or pray that they'll cope with me to enter the "Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts" or "RADA". That, my friends will be such an AMAZAYN dream!!! That is like.. The most wonderful gift of the future! I'm sure i'll even cry, tears of years awaiting and joy. Because in RADA, Tom Hiddleston came from there and so much more legends! That will be so cool to attend to. And I'm sure I'd do my very best to pursue my dream! This, my friend is my very big plan. I hope God walks with me as I try to reach it. I will very do my best to pursue it. The fire of desperate in my heart is visible within this words. And I will really do my best to impress others of what I can do. I will not step on other backs as I try to climb the stairs of success. Nor will I boast of how my future will be planned. I will always stay humble and not too much proud of myself. God Give me Strength. And if I can publish the novel I am planning to do this year 2013, I hope I could star in my own work of art with Tom and the others. :))

"Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts"      

"Wish Me Luck and goodnight :)"                   

London :D

London/One Direction/Tom Hiddleston/UNICEF

Dear Cherry Pies :)),

So my favorite picture for today, June 7 2013, Friday, is...Tangdadadang!! Look at the side.. :D -->
I like it because it has the United Kingdom flag and I've been always admiring that country ever since I was 10. It all started when I was in Grade 5 elementary. I was watching this anime series called "Black Butler" and the setting of this series happened in London. And I started liking their culture. How they dress, how they speak, how gentle and lady like they have been. I absolutely love those astonishing gowns and dresses, ladies wear back in the 80's. They are so awe-inspiring to begin with sketching dresses. Whenever I got bored in class because of the lessons I already know, I happen to fantasize and imagine myself walking on the streets of London. I mean what does it feels like to walk in such a place which you don't know? And just from that question, I begun reading the history of England. All from kings and queens, the Anglo-Saxon's invasion, the houses of York, Lancaster and so much more. Their history opened up something deep within me. And that was the enthusiasm of learning World History. I was actually pretty good in History lesson. It was my favorite subject of all. So, after I read the history of England, I found myself that I couldn't just stop. No not yet. I was afraid I might forget the lessons interpreted on my mind. So I read it all over again in 3 consecutive years. {But hey, I still love my country better much I love London :)}
Starting from that day, admiring London's finest qualities, I started liking their people too. Famous people such as, everybody knows this band "One Direction". and "Tom Hiddleston".
     One Direction. One direction consists of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horran and Zayn Malik. Each of them, by which I read in the history, both auditioned in the X factor and was regrouped. And I am a Directioner!! Eeeep! Yep, I collect their magazines and albums. Cut out some pictures and paste it on my cabinet. It actually looked like a shrine. Which is weird but beautiful. I started liking this band because it reminded me of my best friends, which I will describe to you later on when classes starts. Me and my bestfriends are totally big fans of them! One Direction made me remember our attitude. Carefree, Wild, Young and Free. We never wanted to have relationship in such an age, we always wanted to stay young and do  some wild and crazy stuffs such as, bouncing in the bed, rolling in the floor, laughing so hard that one of us would happen to choke, or play "Try Not To Laugh". We are so freaking hilarious I tell you. They're songs are the second thing that made me cuddle my poster. Their voices are so smooth and fine and they even inspire me to sing with my besties in an accapella version. Without them, I think my ipod would lessen some songs. *laughs*.
    Tom Hiddleston. At first, I noticed Tom Hiddleston's career in his famous role as Loki Laufeyson. And I do know all about his "Army". Yep, he has this one of a kind crazy fangirls lurking around his porch. I only spy if ever I'm in London hahaha. So, I idolized Tom not only because of his looks but because of his acting career. He made me absolutely dedicated to my dream in acting. Because I have seen, in his bio that he acted in theaters! And I was like. Oh my God I have to see this! So I saw him in youtube and I was deeply inspired. It wasn't just him who made a big part of my heart, melt, because of my dream. There were a lot of others before him but I think he is the best! The second thing that I admired in him is that he is freaking HILARIOUS! I saw one of his video where he calls himself as "God of Mischief" And I was like laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe! True story to that. And the third thing which I admired in him is that....He is a supporter of Unicef. I was always wondering where and how to help people when I grow older and when I saw his twitter and the word "UNICEF". I was so mystified and curious that I started researching about this program. I found out that this kind of program is all about taking good care of children. So I read his blog in Unicef....And my heart started to beat slow and then fast and then slow.... I read all about how malnutrition tortures kids like me where their hopes in opening the future, almost shattered to bits. I read about how less food they got to ate in a single day. I read about the small, fragile and dainty little infants who still needs care and love, who still needs something to grow up in the future. And I started asking myself, "How can this child live if the future still hasn't taken care of?". If the future still repeats as the same as the present, then there is no stopping of this madness. Someone needs to brighten the hopes of this poor little children, let them believe that there is still hope and care left in their lives. And I believe that UNICEF is the hero of this children. They are the voices within the echoes of the children hearts. So if they don't have a voice then UNICEF will scream for them, and as what as Tom Hiddleston once said "say it from the rooftops". 
     This picture...made me... Cry my heart out. Let this be know that everyone who joined Unicef are the voices of this poor children. They are the true heroes in every poor child's dream and Tom is one of them. :)
     If ever I'd be famous, I promise myself to join this group. <3.

"Do something which is worth, dreaming, acting and living for" 

"Let us move the mountain for the children to see"
-Blair Dawson A.

P.S if you want to read Tom's inspiring Blog. Read this. :)